I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths: 75 Poetry Writing Exercises, which inspired me to delve into another book study of poetry forms and responses. I’ll be making my way through the exercises and prompts between now and the end of the year.

Today, Vaughn explains enantiodromia as the changing of something into its opposite, much like a shifting image.

Then and Now

Shaking schnoodle, abandoned, alone
scared, uncertain, vulnerable
caged, in the back of a van
awaiting adoption~
and look at you now!
half-human child
in control

Made with Padlet

One Reply to “Enantiodromia”

  1. I am not familiar with the poet who suggests this exercise, but I take inspiration from your execution of it. Reconciliation of opposites is a form of transcendence. Your gradually shortening line lengths also impart meaning. God bless your family for adopting your pet and imparting the transformative force of love.

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