I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths: 75 Poetry Writing Exercises, which inspired me to delve into another book study of poetry forms and responses. I’ll be making my way through the exercises and prompts between now and the end of the year.

Today’s exercise is writing a poem using a blend of senses that mix into a single experience such as mixing taste and smell (synesthesia). We’re camping this weekend at High Falls State Park in Jackson, Georgia, where the senses are in the full swing of autumn.

Campsite 68

campfire smoke
clinging in trees the
flavor of marshmallows~
ethereal, ghostly swirls
this October night
leaves crunch
dogs bark off in the distance
   conversation sparks laughter nearby
      music pulses the beat of the night
           around the bend
we warm our feet fireside
  warm our core
     drinking cinnamon spiced tea
       warm our hearts
          holding hands 
            warm our spirits

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