Imagery of Taste

I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths: 75 Poetry Writing Exercises, which inspired me to delve into another book study of poetry forms and responses. I’ll be making my way through the exercises and prompts between now and the end of the year.

Today’s writing exercise focuses on Imagery of Taste. Vaughn encourages writers to focus on an aspect of taste in today’s writing and create bursts of flavor in the piece.

Family Grandiose Narcissist

don't worry

her day is coming

that taste of her own 
elder abuse
someone else
   in control
     denying pain management
        through cancer
          like it was natural childbirth,
            some feat of honor

that one

you know, the one
    who didn't want to 
"dope her mother up and let her die," 
    as if living were a choice
who instead put her in a 
   chair over in the corner
      and let her suffer~
she grew too weary to sit
     whacked her face falling
        on a coffee table corner
          carried a blackened bruise 
                   to the grave

(let me tell you: there are 
      things worse than dying 
         peacefully with dignity)

that one, yes

you know, the one who has
       no regrets
          because she thinks
            only about 
      never apologizes~
       because mistakes? her? no way!

that one, yes

you know, the one 
     who excluded others' photos
         from the family Powerpoint
     making herself the slideshow queen
        because she's the only one 
          that matters to herself

that one, yes

who was a second bride  
    at her son's wedding
      causing the videographer
        to quit at the last minute
(no video ever happened
    and family who didn't go 
       along with her choice to
        let her mother suffer?
         no wedding for those
           who'd saved the date)

that one, yes

she will have her own taste

her day is coming

don't worry

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