Fall Acrostic Writing

Today, I’m sharing some acrostics I am writing as I prepare to lead a fall poetry writing workshop in my small Georgia town, where the leaves are just beginning to turn, to spiral downward upon the town square sidewalks. Hay bales resemble giant cinnamon rolls on their sides in pastures throughout the rural countryside. Businesses on the square are festively decorated with scarecrows, pumpkins, and fall foliage. Our restored 1828 Coffeeshop workers greet locals by name and whip up pumpkin spice lattes and ever-changing creative fall teas and coffee blends sure to please! That’s the vibe right now in this most magical season of the year – like a Hallmark Christmas movie without all the shopping and baking deadlines! And children of all ages will be working their own magic ~ writing fall acrostics in schools and libraries in the coming days.

Pumpkins with aaaaaaaa rhyme scheme

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