The Collision

before the divorce

before he walked away

from all of us

we were on vacation 

in Clearwater Beach

the two of them –

my son and his dad –

next in line to JetSki

listening to the safety talk

No horseplay. 

Keep your lifejacket fastened.

Keep your distance from other watercraft.

we were watching the father and son

before us, hearing the talk just moments

before as they’d stood where we stood

when it happened


we thought they’d get back up and 

run the waves some more

but they didn’t. 

the son swam to his dad

he’d just t-boned

probably wondering why

their laughter and horseplay

had stopped

a passing tour boat pulled the body

aboard, not knowing there was

no longer hope

we stood and watched

I still wonder about all we

carry~ all that kid carries ~

the paralyzing impact of loss

in all its forms

One Reply to “The Collision”

  1. Wow. I can only imagine how devastating this was to witness, let alone that son, carrying and living with the weight of this event for the rest of his life. Sorrow and loss bring so many dimensions – just like those ripples on the water. Who can say where they end?


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