No Crappy Diems!

Since I don’t have access to most of the cell phone functions where I am, I’ve let most of my friends and family know that I would post some periodic updates on the blog just to let you know we are okay and give a few details of our trip along the way. Many had asked for pictures, but with technology as limited as it is, we’re taking a lot of them but won’t be able to share them until we return. As I write from the Lido deck on the Carnival Spirit, it is 6:30 a.m. here and 10:30 at home.

Briar’s feet atop the Space Needle

Seattle is a scenic city, full of fun and ready to be explored. We went to Pike Place Market and ate in a little pub and grill for lunch. The smoked salmon salad was out of this world. I’ve abandoned all possibilities of sticking to a sodium count in any acceptable range – but I’m being mindful to make good choices given all the tasty temptations. We also went up in the Space Needle for quite the view. We walked along the glass bottom rotating platform with no squeamishness whatsoever. Then we headed back and had dinner in a little Greek restaurant that was out of this world good.

The afternoon was spent in sheer frustration waiting on the digital results of our negative Covid tests (thank goodness they both came in with no problems). With the VeriFly app and the MobileCan app having to have specific information uploaded such as passport details, flight information, Covid Test and cruise booking information and health questionnaires completed, I was on my ear between the wait and the working technology to get it all completed. Finally, we got the green checks on each area of VeriFly and could rest easier.

Briar summoned his first Uber in the city of Seattle! We’d gotten his app on his phone and connected it to his credit card before we left, and I showed him in a demonstration how to do this when we’d needed our first Uber down in Pike Place. The funny part was that I showed him how to do this and told him we were looking for a blue Toyota RAV4 with the license plate number blah blah blah, and started looking around for a Caribbean blue car just like mine. It said it was two minutes away. We looked and looked, but I wasn’t checking the live turn-by-turn map to see the car arrive. Turns out the car had been waiting on the curb the entire time, even as I put in for the ride. It was navy blue, and Briar happened to notice that the license tag was the one we were looking for…….but the best part was the next morning when he called for the Uber himself. On his first-ever Uber, the man gets a gray Tesla, and he was over the moon to ride in it.

We met a nice couple leaving the cruise as we were getting ready to board, and we stopped and talked to them for a good 20 minutes about what they had done and the fun they’d had. They were frequent cruisers – six cruises in six months, which is easy for them since they are retired and live in Miami, where the cruises are so inexpensive that it may actually more affordable to live on a cruise ship than in their own home. They confirmed that the Tracy Arm fjord excursion was worth it to get up closer to the glaciers, and told us that they’d enjoyed the horse trolley tour in Victoria.

I’d been iffy about booking any excursions in Canada since the restrictions seem about ten times more stringent than the ones in the U.S. Sure enough, once I booked it, Briar’s status changed from green to yellow and he would have to report to the Canadian authorities at the border (even though he meets vaccination requirements, he put his booster off since I’d had such a difficult time with it and thought I was about to die). So I promptly unbooked it and he switched back to green. We took a ship’s credit for that excursion, which allowed us a little time in the spa in place of a horse trolley ride through Victoria. We’re only there for four hours on the last night, so we will enjoy that port from the balcony of the room and a less crowded ship while others are walking through Victoria for the mere four hours that we’re scheduled to be there (which means some writing time for me)!

Today, we look forward to the small boat tour through Tracy Arm Fjord. When I visited Alaska before, I didn’t take the small boat to get up close and personal to the glaciers to experience the calving and hear the thunder. I didn’t get to see the seals hanging out on the icebergs, so this has me thrilled, camera in hand, to bundle up and go.

More later. For now, we’re making the most of every moment and reminding ourselves that we can do a better job of living more fully every day, whether we are traveling or at home. There’s a new adventure waiting around every bend.

Seize the day! No crappy diems!

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