A Double-Knotted Wedding

Mr. and Mrs Pitts with Mr. and Mrs. Jackson

world’s happiest bride

yesterday, June eleventh

married her sweetheart

holding sunflowers

~her favorite of all time~

true farmhouse wedding

I snuck a hug/peek

before the ceremony

she was breathtaking!

we taught together

on the same team, many years

she taught my daughter

(we’re both preacher’s kids

whose daddies tied our knots tight,

pronounced us married)

I’m as happy as

you always wanted me to

be, she’d assured me

but she didn’t have 

to convince me of the truth

~ it was evident

her second marriage,

his first – “the last of his kind,”

the preacher announced

and her groom echoed:

“the last living dinosaur”

….his wait was worth it!

their own vows exchanged

their souls all smiles and giggles

true feel-good wedding

but wait! one more thing……

halfway down the aisle, they stopped

“wait! stop the music!” 

Christian’s parents had

planned to renew their vows, but

Covid changed their plans

on their fify-first 

wedding anniversary, 

their daughter’s wedding,

a gift from the bride

and groom – she’d arranged for them

to renew their vows

the preacher became

the groom, whose bride’s brother stepped

in as the preacher

holding a photo

of parents now in Heaven

he re-tied their knot

was there a dry eye?

nope, too much love in this room

full of surprises

Mr. and Mrs.

Pitts, Covid held a silver

lining for your wait!

To Christian and Steve,

~Mr. and Mrs. Jackson~

love forevermore!

“Wait! Stop the Music!” (another knot to be tightened)
Christian and Steve exchange vows at Abby Manor in Greenville, Georgia, 6 p.m. June 11, 2022
Christian’s parents renew their vows on their 51st wedding anniversary, following the wedding
Her last 40 foot walk as Ms. Callahan

She’s not the only one doing a happy dance today!
My sneak peak of the bride and a quick picture with her right before the ceremony

5 Replies to “A Double-Knotted Wedding”

  1. This is a deeply moving post. I am happy for your friend and for the presence in her wedding of eternal love. Your artful verse serves as the eloquent wedding gift. I love the line, “whose daddies tied our knots tight…”

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  2. Thank you, Paul, for taking time to read and give encouraging words! She’s a dear friend, and while preachers’ kids as a rule usually find extra trouble when they team up, she and I have always managed to find fun times! I appreciate your words today!


  3. The love here is palpable, Kim – and I love that Christian carried sunflowers. What a honoring of life and its continuity, with the vow renewal in a dual celebration. Your friend has a great heart.The photos are just beautiful – congratulations to all!

    Liked by 1 person

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