VerseLove – Day 25 of 30 – Scientific Poems

Our host today for VerseLove at, Linda Mitchell, inspires us to write Scientific poems by making an observation, asking a question, forming a hypothesis, making a prediction based on the hypothesis, testing the prediction, and making a new prediction based on the results.

Hummingbird Flutter Turbulence

Hummingbird Flutter Turbulence

tickling breeze in the clover

no wind – what could it be?

bird at the feeder?

hummingbird flutter turbulence!

stirring grass two feet beneath ~

awakening the earth

to the wonders of spring!

Matthew 13:4 

And as he sowed, some seeds fell along the path, and the birds came and devoured them.

Special thanks to Slice of Life

6 Replies to “VerseLove – Day 25 of 30 – Scientific Poems”

  1. Thank you! Watching birds is so fascinating to me – to see their care of each other in feeding one another and to observe their squabbles and feel their power to change my mood almost instantly. Such personalities and preferences they have! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I appreciate your encouragement and kind words.


  2. Kim,
    Loved seeing the video w/ the poem. I love hummingbirds and the symbolism in them. I bought a hummingbird necklace while in Monument Valley, so I’ll be wearing a hummingbird poem around my neck.

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  3. So fascinating to me, Kim, how the furious beating of tiny wings can make a breeze to stir the clover. I think of endless metaphors – not to mention the infinite wonders of nature and of course BIRDS. Your spare lines convey such awe – and brightness for the day!

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