#VerseLove – Day 12 of 30 – News Poems

Susie Morice is our host today for VerseLove at http://www.ethicalela.com , inspiring us to use the news to write poetry of place, time, era. I found an article in this month’s Georgia Magazine for today’s poem.

Macon Music Again

Capricorn Studios

Macon, Georgia

birthplace of 

Southern Rock~

southern soul 

and Rock and Roll~

50 years ago

when Otis Redding

and Phil Walden

booked frat party gigs

at Mercer University~

Allman Brothers Band

Marshall Tucker Band

Lynyrd Skynyrd~

But the music stopped

historic tax credits

private gifts and grants

resurrected the bankrupt

studio in disrepair

a drumbeat ~a heartbeat~

pum PUM, pum PUM, pum PUM~

brought life back 

to this timeless studio treasure

‘Macon Music’ again

ghosts of the heyday

haunt halls 

roam Recording booths

musical magic

to inspire generations

of rising stars

I found an article in April 2002 Georgia Magazine, but a similar link is here: https://capricorn.mercer.edu/history/

Psalm 95:1 

Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!

3 Replies to “#VerseLove – Day 12 of 30 – News Poems”

  1. Kim,
    These photos are gorgeous. I love our poetry prompt for today and appreciate that you e turned to music and named so many iconic musicians. This is a fabulous way to teach culture. I’ve been reading (listening to the audiobook) “Stolen Focus,” recommended by Susan Barber. The author tells an Elvis story and later talks about making art as a way to develop deep attention and work. Artists lose themselves in the act of making art, and I love that your poem is about resurrecting a place for recapturing those days.

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  2. I love the allusions to classic recording artists, plus your line structure give the feel of a machine starting to run again. I am thrilled this studio is back. More history will be coming.

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