#VerseLove – 4×4

Denise Krebs of California is our host today for National Poetry Month in #VerseLove (my theme for April is Poems). She inspires us to write a 4 x 4 today. The 4 x 4 with its repeating line is one that I will add to my more frequent writing. It has four stanzas of four lines with four syllables in each, and the refrain moves in each stanza from position 1 to 2 to 3 to 4.

My traveling shoes

Traveling Shoes

traveling shoes
hippie spirit
wandering soul

journeyer’s heart
traveling shoes
climbing mountains
rapt in wonder

mailing postcards
taking photos
traveling shoes
soaking it in

living each day
finding my way
forging new paths
traveling shoes

Postcards ready to mail
Windows and mind open to the journey at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC
With special thanks to Two Writing Teachers at Slice of Life

Ephesians 6:15

And, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.

7 Replies to “#VerseLove – 4×4”

  1. Kim,
    This focus on shoes and travel, extending your March theme, is sparking my wanderlust again. “wandering soul” is something we share. I love thinking about where my shoes have taken me and will take me next. I imagine you think carefully about the right traveling shoes and recall your post about new sneakers for your Feb trip. Your poem inspires me.

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  2. Ah, a perfect write for this time of year as many don their version of ‘travelling shoes’ to sally forth out into the spring fresh world. As I am on a plane to travel this weekend, I really feel this.

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  3. I love your poem and I just love the format! Your words are few but the impact is great. My favorite is “hippie spirit!”. What a great topic for the spring as well – time to break out the Birkenstocks, Treks, and Tevas!

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  4. I enjoy the format, but I am also intrigued by something else. Your -ing verbals have a tantalizing ambiguity about them. Typically, such words are either participles used as main verbs, participles used as adjectives, or gerunds (which are nouns). For some of them possibly to be more than one of these adds layers to the significance of your verse.

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  5. What a great subject for your poem. I’ve been thinking about trying a 4 X 4 all day but have struggled finding just the right topic. Maybe I will choose an object like you did.


  6. This is the heart and “sole” of you, friend – as I said over on Ethical ELA, I’ve so enjoyed your many adventures vicariously, and the many layers of meaning you find in each. Today “rapt in wonder” also makes me think of how we are “wrapped in wonder” – in love and blessings immeasurable.


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