Verse Love – Collaboration Poem

On March 21, our ethicalela host Chiara inspired us to write a Looking Up poem. I’m sharing my poem from March today. My mother’s last coherent words to my father were “You take care of these dogs.” I think about those words this morning as I write.

Christening Wild Onions

stepping out 
into the cold morning darkness
with the boys
not heeling
pulling like Iditarod dogs
off the porch
toward the grass
to sprinkle the
wild onions

roosters asking
roosters answering
throughout the countryside

the distant sound of tires
on pavement 
faint steam rising
from christened onions

I look up 

Good morning, Mom!  
I’m taking care of these dogs.
I smile at the stars

Lori L. and Gae P. also challenged us to write a collaboration poem using a line from another poet and saying, “You’ve been poemed!” Here is my collaboration poem for this day, having taken a line from Gae’s poem – growling, rawr, rawr, rawr. Gae and Lori, what a beautiful form born out of friendship! Thank you for inspiring us! We have indeed been opened today! I’m taking a line and running with it!


my stomach
“rawr, rawr, rawr,”
splatter of water in the shower
Tingle jingle of dog tags
Tick tick tick of paw feet
Lick lick lick of grooming
Hummmmm of refrigerator
Drummmmmm of rain on the roof
Whirrrrr of hair dryer
Slide glide of pocket door
Creaking of floor, house settling
Throughing of Keurig brewing
Plop plop of Kcup drops
Whish-splish of toothbrush scrub

2 Replies to “Verse Love – Collaboration Poem”

  1. I love this! I love your Moms last words to your dad, and I also love your choice of the word “christening” to put a delicate and lofty spin on the dogs daily marking pursuit. It is all so cleverly done. This is a succinctly, wonderfully packaged poem where every good word counts. Wow!

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