St. Simons Island, Georgia: Know the Tides

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Slice of Life Day 30 of 31: Journeys (my March theme)

Kayaking Gould’s Inlet with Boo Radley, Summer 2018

On my childhood home of St. Simons Island, Georgia, occasionally visits include pleasant paddles through the marshes of Glynn County with my brother, husband, and dad. Gould’s Inlet is our favorite kayaking off the coast of St. Simons for all of its pristine beauty and abundant wildlife. Pleasant all depends on the season, the weather, and the tides.

And the compadres.

Knowing the tides and knowing the marshes, though, is key. Embarking on the course requires a guide – one who knows as well as the back of his hand the markers, the turns, the shortcuts, the quickest way back to shore from any given point.

Recognizing patterns is important along the journey. They indicate when to bail, when to paddle on.

Plans and preparations, too, are critical. Having enough (water, sunscreen, sunglasses, paddle, whistle, life vest, dog) but not too much is essential.

As in life. Sometimes we bail, but always we paddle on.

Psalm 89:9 

You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.

4 Replies to “St. Simons Island, Georgia: Know the Tides”

  1. I love the picture and the metaphor! Calls to mind “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away- know when to run.”

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  2. Kim, so much metaphor for life here: A guide is needed. One who knows. Recognizing patterns is important on the journey. Having enough but not too much…all so very true. Of course, the dog is essential! Not even debatable. At some point my family MUST name a future dog Boo Radley to go with our Scout ❤ I am envisioning the beauty of St. Simons and the peace of gliding along those waters. I know it's a special place for you.

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  3. Kim, your slice today takes me back to floating the Neosho River in an inner tube when I was a kid. I like kayaking but only on calm waters because I’m not a conflict dent swimmer. Having the right guide on the river is a metaphor for choosing the right guides in life, I think.

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