Carpe Diem!

With special thanks to Slice of Life for inspiring writers, and for giving us space and voice

Slice of Life Day 3 of 31: Journeys (my theme for March)

My flight was slightly delayed, but my husband dropped me off with two hours to get through security at the world’s busiest airport, where I managed to get out of Atlanta and arrive in San Antonio as a solo female traveler and get an Uber to Blue Star in time to check into the rental at 3:02 p.m. on Sunday, February 20. 

423 Blue Star, San Antonio, Texas – this is the same style of housing I saw in The Pearl District and in other areas of San Antonio. It’s comfortable and has all the amenities – pools, dog parks, restaurants, bike paths, electric bikes, provision stores, and gyms.

I came in, freshened up, and had no sooner brushed my hair and teeth before I headed downtown to ride one of those colorful bumper-car-looking boats I’d seen in all the pictures online.  Another Uber back downtown and a long line of people later, I had purchased a ticket and was ready to float. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to ride in a gondola in Venice, so I could never miss the boat ride on the San Antonio Riverwalk! I didn’t wait to let Day 2 be Day 1 for having fun. When it comes to travel, I’m a firm believer that every minute of great weather is an opportunity to make the most of the trip!

A ticket to ride a Go Rio tour boat
Boat on the San Antonio Riverwalk, February 2022

I took pictures all during the cruise and learned about Heart Island, the little tiny patch of land in the San Antonio River where a couple gets married on average every day in San Antonio.  I saw the ones that day tying the knot.  I imagined that if my husband had been there, he’d have threatened to yell at the couple, “Run! Run! It’s a trap! Get out while you still can!” and then grabbed me and hugged me for forgiveness in his sort-of-truthful-playfulness.

Couple getting married on Heart Island

I also saw the stage from the movie Miss Congeniality, where the swimsuit contest took place.  No swimsuits today, although it was certainly warm enough.  Nothing compares to the voices of tour guides who know the history and stories of a place – even if they are full of corny jokes. The guide also pointed out the statue of St. Anthony, the finder of lost things, which sits along the banks of the river.

Statue of Saint Anthony, finder of lost things, along the Riverwalk

I finished the day with dinner along the river at La Villita, watching the boats pass and eating a wedge salad with a vinaigrette dressing that was delicious – and counting my blessings that I could seize the day and find the time to enjoy the boat tour on this pleasant Sunday evening of my life!

And this very morning at 5:37 on a post about seizing the day, I put tomorrow’s SOL teaser for today’s post. Tomorrow will be my Bluebonnet postcard post…..

Me at 5:38
Go Rio Tour Boats touring the San Antonio Riverwalk

Ephesians 5: 15-16

15 So then, be careful how you walk, not as unwise people but as wise, 16 making the most of your time, because the days are evil. 

8 Replies to “Carpe Diem!”

  1. Such an enchanting adventure… boat ride on the river, the couple getting married, St. Anthony, the finder of lost things…rich images and symbolism. It’s like sailing through chapters of a book. The book of Life. I have been meaning to say how much I enjoy the verses you are including with each post. For me, they’re a daily devotional. Beautifully reflective – thank you for this gift.

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    1. Thank you, Fran! I like the verses and thinking about them in the context of journeys and adventures. It’s interesting – – I was having lunch with a good friend yesterday, telling her how I’d already eaten a Lifesaver when I tried to give up sugar for Lent, and then I ate Chinese noodles, so there went the carb idea of giving up those…..and she said, “well maybe instead of giving up something, you could add something. Like maybe thinking about a Bible verse a day or something like that.” I know Lent should be a sacrifice of something instead of something I enjoy, but suddenly I heard the wake-up bell dinging and it occurred to me that maybe I hadn’t wrecked my Lent after all. I celebrated 365 days of writing and posting on February 28, so maybe I’ll keep the verses beyond the Journeys theme. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  2. Kim, I’m loving these journeys w/ you. I’m looking forward to the canal ride when I visit San Antonio this summer. I haven’t been to Venice but have ridden the Venetian gondolas in Las Vegas! Drop your favorite restaurants along the way, so I can find good food, too.


  3. Wonderful! After finding out that you have a Boo Radley, and an Ollie, and you are Common Threads (which is the theme of a knitting retreat I am involved in), I had to read and follow you! I loved your post. My son recently went here for a visit, and now I can see what he was describing. Beautiful!

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    1. Thank you so much, Deborah! Our Schnoodles are our babies! A knitting retreat?? Oh, how I wish I had learned to knit. I have a friend who knits all kinds of things, and I admire that kind of patience and talent and wish I had it. I dream of a writing retreat. There is an author in Georgia who hosts writers’ retreats in European castles, which sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the follow – I am following you, too.

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  4. Kim,
    What fun! Carpe Diem, for sure. You really did make the most of your Sunday afternoon. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard a lot about San Antonio, and you have given us some great details about why it’s a great destination. Thanks!

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