A Slant of Light

Bombshell Dry Shampoo

Natural light

diffused through a window

is not a good lunch date.

A friend double-took a

look at my lip line,

so I daubed my mouth –

saw no napkin stain.

She did it again.

I found a

wayward whisker

(okay, a couple)

to pluck when

I got back

to the office.

We swapped seats

next time – my back

was to the glass,

and I saw

good reason

to keep that seat.

I came home

from work and

tossed my own can of

Pearlessence Bombshell

that absorbs impurities

while adding next-day

texture and volume,

now firmly resolute that

my dry shampoo days

are over.

So much

is seen

in a certain

slant of light.

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