This week’s topic on sharingourstoriesmagic.com is quiet. The golden silence sets the tone of the day for me. No radio, no tv…..medicinal space for reflecting and writing. Solitude. Peace. Stillness. Coffee.
Thanks to Slice of Life and SOS for giving writers space and voice!


the whirr of the fan 

faint hum of the fridge

     quaint strum of the heat

whispery paper turning a page

  flutter of leaves 

      on trees 

           in the breeze 

hush of misty

soapy shower steam 

a snore of a snoozer

  a schnoodle, asleep 

the peace of the house 

   without any stirring 

save for one spoon 

   in the coffee I’m swirling 

morning solitude savored, fleeting

moments of peace 

……..before workday greetings

Thanks to SOS for giving writers space and voice!
Thank you to Slice of Life for giving writers space and voice!

5 Replies to “Quiet”

  1. I, too, relish the quiet moments when all I hear are little Snug snores. I never have the bedroom television on. It just sits gathering dust. This morning I’ll be out shoveling snow in the morning quiet. I love being alone w/ my thoughts and dogs.

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  2. Love how these two lines read and look on the page “the peace of the house/without any stirring” – this is my favorite time of day, too, that early morning quiet. So lovely.

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  3. Kim, I savor moments like these. The sounds of things before the world awakes. The breathing of a sleeping dog – utterly peaceful. All in all, a balm to the soul. Sweet, sweet peace, softly stirring like that morning coffee – love this, all of it. And welcome to SOS ❤


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