Oh, Alice!

Alice, you charmer!

You sweep, mop floors to a shine!

You’ve got my back, friend!

Alice at work

Carol Brady said

you’d be the best at this task

you’re worth more than gold!

Several years ago, my son and daughter in law told me that they loved their vacbot so much that if it died that day, they’d go get a new one that evening. With 3 dogs, they said, ”it saves us from the dog hair!”

We have 3 non-shedders, but the dirt from going inside and out on a wood floor is no small task. Floors have always been my husband’s task, so as his Christmas present last year, I hinted that I’d like a vacbot that sweeps and mops. He brought Alice home, and we’ve been hearing The Brady Bunch theme ever since she started working her magic.

What a blessing to come home to a clean floor every day! I think if Alice dies today, Alice II will be here by evening.

I’m on the lookout for a cookbot…..

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