Mighty Mo Whimsy

A poem of whimsy – what a word, what a concept, what a feeling! Thank you to Fran Haley for sharing the http://www.shareourstoriesmagic.com site with me and inviting me to post.

On Saturday, my good friend Adrienne called to see if I wanted to go see the all-new Tootsie at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theater, where the top hatted and gloved, 1920’s-tuxedo-uniformed greeter still rings a bell, holds up his arms, and in his most theatrical voice (drawing out the words), belts out to the throngs awaiting the opening of the doors in the covered black-and-white tiled hallway-breezeway with the red carpet leading inside: “Laaaaaaaaaaadieeeeeees aaaaaaaaaannnnndddd Gentlemennnnnnnn! Welllllllcommmmmmme to the Faaaaaaaaaaabulous Fox Theeeeeeater!” before stepping aside to the almost as theatrical door opening. Regardless of what’s playing at The Fox, I’ll always go – not just for the show, but for the whole cultural arts experience, including the Mighty Mo and the Arabian Nights atmosphere, with its blue night-skylit ceiling complete with stars and ornate decor – and the exquisite restrooms! The place has quite a history with many saviors to thank for its continued breath and haunting ghosts, and it has inspired my Haiku of Whimsy today, prompted by the blog at http://www.sharingourstoriesmagic.com. The Mighty Mo emerges from the floor , with the organ player already piping out beloved tunes – usually in a sequined white jacket draping over the back of the organ bench as he plays to entertain while ticket holders arrive. The crescendos strain more fully in his last number, bringing wild applause as the Mighty Mo and its player descend back into the depths of the orchestra section….until next time. If you happen to be in Atlanta, go see Mighty Mo! You’ll be glad you did.

Mighty Mo Whimsy Haiku

The Fox: Mighty Mo

whimsical Moller organ

experience it!

Interesting stories about The Fox from the playbill
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