Mashed Potato Poems

My mashed potato poem uses lines of existing poems
On the back of each line, I credit the writer and cite the poem from which each line was taken

A middle school teacher asked me to work with a group of writers who enjoy creative writing. Time spent with them is the highlight of my entire week! Yesterday, we wrote what I call mashed potato poems by taking lines from existing poems to create new ones.

Writing alongside students is the most powerful way to grow because we share feedback and encourage one another in the process. Audience and feedback are as vital to writing growth as coffee is to mornings – as windows are to poets.

One Reply to “Mashed Potato Poems”

  1. I am going to have to make a mashed potato poem, Kim! I can imagine how much the kids (and you) loved this. And this, from your caption: “Audience and feedback are as vital to writing growth as coffee is to mornings” – maybe the best analogy I’ve ever come across!


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