Paint Chip Poetry

Today I’m hosting the Open Write at, so I’m sharing my prompt for paint chip poems. A special thanks to Sarah Donovan for her leadership and space at ethicalela. Please visit the site throughout the day and read the colorful poems that come to life at

Paint Chip Poetry

A stroll through a paint section can be just the right inspiration for poetry!  You can purchase a set of Paint Chip Poetry cards from Amazon here:  

but you can also find your own colorful words for free at paint stores or on websites such as Sherwin Williams here:  or Glidden here: by clicking on the color chips to discover vibrant color words (deep onyx, copper pot, heartfelt, hot cocoa, dirt road…) 

Process:  Gather some paint chip words from a website or a paint department and have fun arranging the descriptive colors into lines of poetry!

Example using colors that I selected from Paint Chip Poetry:

smooth sailing; blank canvas; summer squash; seedling; dirt road; fresh-squeezed, chamomile tea; firefly; waterfall

Spring Walk

smooth sailing days of spring

walking the blank canvas of

the dirt road less traveled

smelling summer squash seedlings

and fresh-squeezed tulips

ambling home for a front porch swing

cup of chamomile tea

steeped in fireflies

and waterfalls

Here is a video of a Paint Chip poetry process:

One Reply to “Paint Chip Poetry”

  1. Kim, I also shared my paint chip poem for my slice of life today. I love so much about your poem, and I will definitely pull out this prompt again when I need motivation. “Fresh-squeezed tulips” and your tea steeped in fireflies and waterfalls is simply beautiful. Thanks for the prompt today.


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