Monotetra on my One Little Word for 2022: Listen

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Stacey Joy challenged our writing group to write monotetra poems today at the Open Write at Ethical ELA, which you can visit here:

She writes, “The monotetra is a poetic form developed by Michael Walker consisting of mono-rhymed quatrains with a refrain. It can be only one quatrain or as many as you choose to write. Each line consists of 8 syllables.”

I look forward to hosting the next two days at Open Write, where we will explore variations of Golden Shovel and Paint Chip poems.

Beneath Implied

listening takes more than clean ears
listening’s more than what one hears
it may mean one exposes fears
it evokes tears, it evokes tears 

to listen takes an open heart 
to listen may bring a fresh start
or may rejoin things torn apart
wisdom impart, wisdom impart 

listen! healing lives deep inside
listen! heart and soul open wide
expressed truths within us abide 
beneath implied, beyond implied 

Many thanks to Sarah J. Donovan for her work at EthicalELA, for continuing to provide a safe and challenging space for us to enjoy.

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