Timeless Recipe Legacies

Framed family recipes

shorthand, cursive scrawl

envelopes, notescraps, swatches

stained, torn, ripped, dog-eared


family relics

recipes from ancestors

hand-written visits


ageless breaths, voices

transcending generations

whispers from heaven


timeless apron strings

roots of our family tree

stirring presences


priceless script heirlooms

iambic kitchen memoirs

eternity’s spoons


invisible pasts

emerging in the sauces

delectable worlds


I’m cooking tonight

guess who’s coming to dinner?

they’ve already been


4 Replies to “Timeless Recipe Legacies”

  1. WOW~your word choice is powerful! Your last line…perfection!
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me how my grandma and great-grandma before us didn’t google and see directions on a screen. They copied it down from newspapers and magazines and even clipped and saved. Priceless scripted heirlooms indeed!


  2. Oh, Kim. Every line is hauntingly beautiful and soul-stirring. Delectable in their won right. Long ago lives again, here in your haiku and certainly on your table, soon! What an homage to the generations gone before us, and a testimony to the power of writing things down…


  3. “hand-written visits” is a gorgeous image. I imagine you reminiscing as you touch the past through the food you make in the present. I don’t have family recipes. My mom rarely cooked. My stepmother’s cooking was icky and limited by commodity food; there’s only so much you can do with that. But I do have recipes I’ve made for many years, including the fudge recipe I acquired in 1982 from the home economics department at my first teaching job. That one is special. I’ve passed it on to many students and colleagues.


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