A Faint Hush

Every week, I have the highest privilege of working with a small group of creative writers in middle school.

Since I left the classroom five years ago to serve in Literacy leadership, I seek every opportunity to return to schools and classrooms to write creatively alongside students. It’s the dessert course of my busy week – being able to sit down, share ideas, express ourselves through writing, and guide the process of offering complimentary feedback to each other to empower growth through written expression – with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and a cherry on top. 

Today, we will share our one little word choices for 2022 and begin to construct vision boards using cork squares. We begin with word choice and compose free verse poetry featuring our words. I’ll share today’s poem using my word listen as an example before students begin writing their own poetry as the first one little word vision board project spotlight for 2022. 

Cheers for the journey – for words and thoughts, for pretty papers and fresh journal pages, for glorious pens and pencils and markers, for colorful washi tape and the deep love and pride of a writer’s heart spilled out onto beloved pages of prose and verse. 

A Faint Hush

Listen ~

invisible lips 

murmur a faint hush

of wisdom ~

a barely audible whisper 

lean in 

to the calm stillness 

feel its sheer tranquility 

pure serenity 

be still 

in its ethereal pleasantry 


its message of blessing

Vision Board Resources:




…..and a thousand more on Pinterest! 

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