My One Little Word for 2022


My One Little Word for 2022 

Over the past year in blogs of beloved writers I’ve come to know through the spirit of kinship in reading and listening to their stories, I have wondered about their “one little word” they chose to guide them through the year.  In the entire world of languages, how does one settle on one little word for 365 whole days, choosing that one above all others?  

My blogging buddies chose words like awe, recalibrate, solutions, gratitude.  Not all bloggers would agree they chose their word – some, like Fran Haley (, would say that the word chose them (and Fran is keeping the word awe for another year, because she says it has been such an eye-opening lens for her in experiencing moments and guiding her writing).  Denise Krebs (, at one point, was considering a “helper word” in addition to her 2022 choice, and painted her word – gratitude – in the middle of a red dot on a blue canvas that a student once gave her to keep her one little word a focal point.  Glenda Funk ( took her word- recalibrate – all around the world with her.

And so I toyed with the idea of one little word throughout 2021 – struggled, really.  Grappled.  Argued with myself.  Questioned others. Rejected the notion, and then kept coming back to the idea.  I listened to Ali Edwards’ explanation of OLW at and thought of the possibilities of how one little word might make a difference in my life.  I tossed, turned, kicked covers and made lists, deleted, added, and kept coming back to one of those words that seemed to cling to me, chasing me like a playful puppy nipping my heels when I tried to get away  – – listen.  It tilted its head at me and raised its big ears in that very questioning and charming way that puppies do, needing me, asking me if I could please keep it.  

And so now here I am on the first day of 2022, fostering this one little word for a year – or, who knows? ….maybe Listen is fostering me.  I’ll get it a food bowl and a collar and leash and a bed and take it with me wherever I go, feeding it and watching it grow each day.  Who knows?  I may end up a foster failure and adopt it for life, adding new ones to the menagerie in years to come, pretty much the same way Ollie, Fitz, and Boo Radley have piled up here and continue to shape my world every day.  If one little word can have as big an impact as my dogs, I’m packed and ready to see where it takes us on this revolution around the sun. 

So for today and the rest of 2022, Listen has taken up residence in my world and will be my constant companion – my guide dog – leading me, curled up in my lap writing with me, unchaining my heart, giving me lessons in obedience, and guarding me.   

What is your one little word for 2022?  

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