Christmas Day Play by Play


Christmas Day Play by Play 

Awake early (6:00), take dogs out

I think Dad has pneumonia ~ he’s

hacking up chunks of lung 

Breathing treatment for Dad – albuterol through the nebulizer 

and a pot of perked coffee

bowls of cereal for breakfast – Special K fruit and yogurt, Blueberry shredded wheat 

Dog play, 

brother ambles downstairs

girlfriend follows

A successful hunt: ginger for Ginger for nausea – Dramamine naturals and crystallized peppermint ginger, ginger ale 

Slice a Georgia Fruitcake gift for snacks 

Bully sticks and dog treat puzzle fun

Gift exchange – picnic blanket for us, trip starter fund and carnival glass,

Eisenhower coins, half and whole dollars, poetry book and pictures 

For Dad: coffee and The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles, stocking with candy and coal

For Ginger: Inis, Seeing Beautiful Again by Lysa Terkeurst, stocking with candy and coal

For Ken: The Lincoln Highway, binoculars, stocking with candy and coal 

For them: Orange Spice Potpourri 

Girls FaceTime from


Open gifts – 

For Mallory: money, fragrance, bracelets, Ancestry DNA

For Ansley: money, books, Bible, bracelets 

Aidan calls: his Santa gift four wheeler tour with emphasis on the Razor helmet 

Another breathing treatment for Dad 

Pack pimento cheese sandwiches, chips, drinks, cookies, and fudge for the road and hug goodbyes 

Oops! Two

Shirts, hairspray, a jacket forgotten –

  • run outside to return to a leaving car 

Family leaves, Dad gets lost

     then found

that happens to all of us sometimes 

Everyone gets back on track 

Strip upstairs sheets, wash towels and linens 

Shower, get dressed and put on makeup 

Visit with Jack – Mythbusters shows – a trebuchet, steel tanker implosion, boat out of the water explosion 

Gift exchange – for us, money 

For Jack – the beautiful fiber optic four foot Christmas Tree on the coffee table, a Cobra keychain and Cobra Parking sign 

Noticing things – 

Papers lined up on the counter in sequential to do order,

plants from Pat’s funeral, needing water to perk up a bit 

“Pat’s Kitchen” towel hanging on the double oven door – she’s still a little here 

Return a nebulizer to Kyle and Beth

Call from Dad, then Ken – they’re home. 

shrimp and ham dinner,

cornbread and unsweet tea with Jack and Andrew 

Call from

Marshall: Merry Christmas and Santa was good, 

Plan to get together this week 

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