fire poker sore throat

Throbbing tight heartbeat headache

Clammy sweaty chills 




Intersecting lines

City blocks, parallel streets

Straight rows and columns 

Flannel button-downs 

Matching family PJs

Holiday bow ties 

Labrador collars 

Shiny plastic Wellingtons 

Quilted bedspread squares 

Autumn dinner tablecloths

Little girls’ hand-smocked dresses

Business meeting socks

Gift-wrapping paper

Woolen scarves, matching mittens

Hats with poofs on top 

Winter horse blankets 

Gold-buttoned dressy blazers

LL Bean tote bags 

Timeless classic plaid 

Tribute to Sarah Donovan


Tribute to Sarah Donovan

Sarah makes a difference-

she models leadership

she builds community


Sarah changes the world-

she inspires writing

she seeks input on change


Sarah impacts lives-

she provides a safe space

she offers opportunities


Sarah builds people-

she listens attentively

she responds with encouragement




repurposed decor 

every ornament made over

plaid and burlap by the yard 

underneath: former years’ baubles 

realizing new life now – discarded 

potpourri and wreaths adorning 

ornaments preserving 

sentiments of time 

even as trends change – 

decor repurposed

Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree

Crafting new decor 

Modern farmhouse Christmas tree

Ornaments of plaid 

Black and white tree skirt

Greenery and bows adorn

Mother would be proud! 




Wanderlust subsides

Once we recognize our own

Home field advantage 

Weary travelers

Used to be those other folks

Now I’ve joined those ranks 

Country roads of home

Hay meadows and rolling hills

Are where I belong 

Permeating Moments


Permeating Moments 

straightening my hair 

five syllables, voice to text 
maximizing time
car: prayer chamber
praying my way in to work 
radio turned off 
permeating life
with what is most important 
~moments that matter~

Timeless Classics

 From Margaret Simon’s prompt This Picture Wants to Be a Poem 

Timeless Classics

find the doorway 
to the secret garden 
of timeless classics 
warm memories of velveteen 
harrowing McGregors 
and Cinderella carriages 
unlocked with a skeleton key

Thanksgiving Upside Down Cake

 Thanksgiving Upside Down Cake 

Turkey’s browninG

Hands a”prayiN’
Appetite alibI
Naptime improV
Kitchen graffitI
Siblings squabblinG
Gravy gibletS
Inquirers blinK
Viztin’ happniN
Indulgent utopiA
Nobody selfisH
Gathering heartfelT