Intersecting lines

City blocks, parallel streets

Straight rows and columns 

Flannel button-downs 

Matching family PJs

Holiday bow ties 

Labrador collars 

Shiny plastic Wellingtons 

Quilted bedspread squares 

Autumn dinner tablecloths

Little girls’ hand-smocked dresses

Business meeting socks

Gift-wrapping paper

Woolen scarves, matching mittens

Hats with poofs on top 

Winter horse blankets 

Gold-buttoned dressy blazers

LL Bean tote bags 

Timeless classic plaid 

2 Replies to “Plaid”

  1. So many plaid items! I can picture each item you mention. (I had to look up Wellingtons.) I'm curious about the inspiration for your poem, Kim. Did you notice all the plaid items and decide to catalog them? Or was it a prompt? It's very interesting. The family pajamas made me smile. Yes, “timeless classic plaid.”


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