Weekend Trip


My brother Ken here in Savannah watching the Georgia/Tennessee game in a hotel lobby with a room full of other happy Bulldog fans! 

Weekend Trip

Savannah, Georgia 

Quick weekend getaway trip

City Market stroll 

Bella Napoli 

Late Italian dinner 

Warm cookie dessert

Saturday morning

Writing in a comfy chair

Husband tucked in bed

Coffee scent wafting

No rush to be anywhere

What does the day hold?

“Watch my smoke,” he quipped

Pointing out that coffee steam

Is not the same thing

Facebook Funeral ~

Organist John Harper died

Church bells rang for him 

Brother and girlfriend 

Meeting us for a visit 

to watch the ballgame 

Ginger and I shopped –

bought fun Spartina bracelets

with matching whale tails 

Our chins kept dropping 

Sunglass-eyed people watching 

Who dresses these folks?

Street performer shows

A mini Faneuil Hall

Fun at every turn

Dog watching: more fun

City Market butt-sniffers

with card-holding rights 

Pecan praline secrets

Hidden, brown paper bag:

Secrets never told! 

Sandwiches, pizza

We toasted John Harper’s love

of savored moments

Planning our next trip –

for Ken’s fiftieth birthday 

Hoping Dad will come! 

And so the day went –

smoking heels in Savannah ~

smoke long outlasts steam! 

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