November Acrostic

 November Acrostic 

Needing connection, togetherness high On social gatherings we truly depend Visiting over coffee and pie

Eating too much….again and again
Making a kite – and watching it fly
Being grateful for family and friends Everyone joyful, wondering why 
Regular visits our schedules don’t lend 

5 Replies to “November Acrostic”

  1. Your poem ends with a thought I often wonder about…without designated days, would we visit? I think the answer is YES because of your first 2 poem words. You say so much with few words. Thanks for sharing.


  2. A rhyming acrostic, at that! I love this ancient form of poetry. I think it's underused. I love the connection between the photo, “together is our favorite place to be” and the haunting words about our schedules not lending themselves…as always, you stir deep emotions with your truths, Kim!


  3. @Fran, thank you so much for pointing out that this is a rhyming acrostic poem. I read it as free verse and still found it beautiful, but cherished it in a different way after noting your insight.I agree – this poem is deeply meaningful and evoked strong fondness as I'm anticipating my mother visiting me for the Thanksgiving Holiday (her first time since a cancelled trip related to the pandemic last year). How absolutely right you are that we should spend more time together without the incentive of holidays.This is beautiful and the first I've seen of its kind. November is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. It lends itself to that coveted togetherness of which you so thoughtfully write. Thanks for sharing.~Carla Michelle


  4. I love November! You have hit on exactly why – the togetherness, the “needing connection” and opportunity – finally! – to be with family and friends. Nothing better than coffee & pie visits!


  5. Kim, what a wonderful rhyming acrostic. Yes, we do wonder why we don't take time to do this more regularly. Maybe after the last 18 months, we'll become more appreciative and do it more often. This post reminded me of Sally's today too–hers about gathering.


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