Anagram Poem


Anna Small Rosewood inspired my writing group to write Anagram poems using words formed from letters in our names today. I decided to take snippets of the Haikus I’ve written this week during my fall break travels and combine each day into a character’s journal (I am the “character”) as a primary source document. 

Kimberly Haynes Johnson

Salem, home, shore, Bearskin, one, sea, joy, sail, shore, air, early, on, skim, Amie’s, Ann, she, rose, line, makes 

Day 1 Rockport Walk 

early morning walk
in Rockport, Massachusetts 
streets of Bearskin Neck

waves crash on sea wall
breakfasting gulls skim the shore
sunrise fish morsels 

lobster fisherman
revving up Amie’s engine 
moored at Tuna Wharf

coastal New England
autumn splendor holds such charms
travelers revel 

Day 2 – Salem Tour

Uber to Salem
Witch Museum, history
witch hunts still exist 

Day 3 – Sea glass Search

sunrise sea glass search 
surfside, seeking shattered shards
seaside souvenirs 

Day 4 – Whales, Music

Cape Ann Whale Watching
gentle giants of the sea
Oh, look! Thar she blows! 

tribal drums, cello
hand-carved rosewood balafon 
electric guitar 

bluegrass, funk, rock-fused
traditional African 
unexpected joy

Day 5 – Freedom Trail

City View trolley
much too tired to walk the line
where it all began 

travel is fun, but
coming home is part of what
makes the adventure! 

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