The Conductor


The Conductor 

In taking a girls’ trip, even 

Hollywood stars can’t catch our eyes
the way the fastest broom sweeps the
sky, conducting howling dogs. She
is in her element, she who cannot be
made to bend, who can catch a beam
of moonlight spiked from a 
tin roof faster than a witch-hare.

Double Golden Shovel using two lines from “The Witch” by Elizabeth Willis

2 Replies to “The Conductor”

  1. “She is in her element, she who cannot be made to bend, who can catch a beam of moonlight…” – absolutely love this description of a very special someone, I suspect! I am not familiar with “The Witch,” but, wow, I am fascinated by your two golden shovel lines. This is fabulous!


  2. I am in awe of the images you conjure, and of this magical double-golden shovel – I KNOW how hard that is to write! An electric, captivating poem, such sharp images and verbs that zing like lightning itself, yet with a perfect, unstilted flow. Love it all and especially “she who cannot be made to bend.” What great, inspirational lines drawn from a text so perfect for the season…I shall need this book, too!


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