Great Horned Hoot Haiku


Great Horned Hoot Haiku 

He wants to play fetch.
I want to do my writing – 
write a bit, throw ball…..
write a bit, throw ball….. 
Ollie’s morning exercise: 
more fun than my pen!
Boo Radley jumps in 
bully playmate for Ollie 
…write a bit, throw ball….
Ollie spies my straw- 
a protein shake conduit-
takes off to chew it….
Sneaky Schnoodle thief!
Fitz observes, licking his paws 
from his pillow perch 
I often wonder 
where they would be now if we 
hadn’t rescued them. 
The Great Horned Owl hoots 
from the tall pines just outside. 🦉  
I shutter to think. 

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