Guilty as Charged


Guilty as Charged

September 5 – 

I did it. 

I’m guilty. 

I early decorated. 

The Dog Days’ 

heat of summer

have me craving 

fall’s arrival. 

Those crisp mornings,

those soul-soup yearnings

and cozy flannel feelings.

So I brought down the 

pumpkins and wreaths, 

fluffed the table linens,

unfolded the quilts,

and assembled the centerpiece.

I diffused the clove-blend oils

and ordered Welcome Fall gifts

for family on Amazon ~

aprons, teas, books, 

and college football team jerseys

      for all the Schnoodles.

I made hot spiced tea

and fixed hot chocolate.

I cleaned the pumpkin bread

pedestal plate. 

And then I lit a candle

and pretended it was fall,

basked in the hygge.

But I won’t decorate for

Christmas in October, and

when I do the math –

calculating the first day of fall

on September 22, 

I’m 17 days early…..

which is over a month late 

by modern decorating standards.

I stand guilty as charged, 

refusing to budge. 

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