I’m Ready!


I’m Ready

I’m ready for the crisp morning air,

the anticipation of the season’s first frost

for the goldenrods, cranberries, rusts 

brilliant scenic drive foliages 

for the season of huddled-up togetherness

I’m ready for cedar-scented candles

filling the house with wooded fragrance

for the warmth of fires 

and the core-warming of roasted red pepper soup 

simmering on the stove to be

served with buttered toast, 

for the tart sweet taste of hot spiced tea 

gifted in a mason jar, the kind with Tang 

that has graced every autumn since the 1970s

and a cinnamon broom propped on the hearth 

I’m ready for frigid breezes through open windows

the sounds of football on tv 

that nobody’s watching

and a skein of woolen yarn running endless left turns 

like a NASCAR race on a hat knitting ring

I’m ready for cardigans and puffy vests 

for scarves and ankle boots 

and driving through Starbucks 

for a Dulce de Leche with cinnamon 

and light whipped cream 

and the certainty of pumpkin spice coffee creamer 

in the grocery cooler sparking 

a smile pandemic! 

I’m ready for dogs feeling frisky outside

struck with sudden bursts of Zoomies 

– their language of joy in the soul, 

doing their best not to sprint 

through the asters. 

I’m ready for the Hobby Lobby decor 

for the fall wreath hung on the door

for the table centerpieces and plaid dish towels

for gold throw pillows and rag quilts 

and scarecrow contests 

on the town square and foil-wrapped loaves 

of warm pumpkin bread 

all labeled and lined up on the counter,

ready to be delivered 

I’m ready for a festival, behind a mask,

for shopping the craft booths 

from a distance for three little matching Schnoodle sweaters 

to wrap around my silly boys, my morning coffee porch swing mates 

who like sweater weather, too

I’m ready for long shirts with leggings 

and my ridiculous Sherpa-lined eggplant Floopis, 

my hair twisted up in a scrunchy 

and a day with no deadlines 

I’m ready for fall – 

for living life at its best!

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