I’ve Moved On

I’ve Moved On: an Acrostic

I looked around at the funeral

Very thoughtfully, with 

Eyes seeking answers: could I return?

Determined to find some good,

I glimpsed memories of our wedding,

Visions of Baptisms – Ansley, Aidan

Oh, such tender moments

Remembered, and heartfelt

Communions in that church where 

Every Sunday we worshipped,

Dinnered with family.

Then came that familiar feeling:

How do those we love betray us?

A funeral PowerPoint with seemingly

Ten thousand pictures – minus one.

Corners with fragmented family 

Huddled in their own shattered zones

Unraveling the legacy of all she loved,

Roles of women stripped by quick vote 

Chemo brain stranger accusing affair…

How could I feel solace here again?

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