visit a Georgia State Park,

where everything around you is momentous ~

a hawk swooping into a tree (my mama checking in on me acting like she’s just another red-tail and I’m not on to her)

waggy tails on a long walk with dogs whose beginning wasn’t wonderfully waggy 

a picnic with fresh, sweet watermelon at the top of the waterfall (and a world championship seed-spitting contest)

a circled family playing colorful parachute ball around a rainbow

turtles sunning themselves in long-awaited warmth on the rocks in the lake 

a son and his dad flying a fire-breathing dragon, eyes upturned to the sky as one big hand helps little fingers hold tight against the wind  

      (nature echoes human hands: baby pine 

         tree fingers grasp invisible pointers)

reading a twist of an ending in the sun with sherpa-slippered feet propped 

yesterday’s indelible roller skating memories conjured by today’s Lionel Richie and the Commodores weekend radio songs ( 🎼yes, you’re once, twice, three times a lady…) the disco ball sparkles on couples on the darkened rink

a sizzling seared salmon dinner on the charcoal grill, with mouth-watering sides of corn on the cob and red onion tempting a sneaked pre-taste  

young, playful ribbon-dancing clouds cloaking grandmother mountain in wispy shawls 

…                …             …               …       

a game objective challenge: visit a park where everything around you is momentous and discover all that was left off…..

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