Georgia State Park Acrostic

 Today’s poem is written in response to Kwame Alexander’s invitation to submit a poem about parks and recreation

Georgia State Parks Acrostic 

geocaching, kayaking, hiking, camping –

everything around you is 


resplendent fresh-soul peace  

grounded in the magnificence of the 

inner sanctum you know is 

always there – but too rarely plugged in

step in to the park and light up 

the soul! take it all in! breathe! 

a mama duck prodding her ducklings… 

trees rocking hammockers….

everything around you is  

prime life – swimming, fishing, biking –

a full connection with a live screen – 

real life (none of this virtual stuff) – you’ll 

know you’re part of something bigger 

                   when you 

step into the park

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