Lover’s Terza Rima


A Lover’s 5W and 1 H Terza Rima

why should we worry about what isn’t said? 

why do we lie awake, unasleep in bed? 

why do word ghosts creep through shadows of our heads?

who am I to him, and who is he to me?

who are we as one, together who are we? 

who have we both been, who do we wish to be? 

where is one and where are two in wedding vows?

where does trust live in all we must allow?

where are we in life -yesterday and now?

what is commitment, and what is its price?

what is love, and what must we sacrifice?

what is all hope but a roll of the dice? 

when disappointment disheartens both or one 

when we wonder should we stay? …..should we run? 

when does a rain storm not give up on the sun?

how do lovers ever not give up on love? 

how do we forgive another’s sideward shove? 

how do inward eyes return their gaze above? 

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