A Mug Hug Haiku


A Mug Hug Haiku 

a teacher gift the

year before the accident 

that claimed his young life 

a cup of coffee 

from my Jacob mug brought a

tearful smile each time

nine years now, chips and 

cracks – signs of age, wear and tear

remembering him

watching his brothers 

grow, seeing their resemblance 

blond hair, handsome boys

his chair empty at 

his high school graduation 

as classmates filed past 

parents whose faith stands

firm – thanking God for the time

they shared together

knowing they will join

him in Heaven when their time

on Earth is finished 

precious keepsakes and 

treasures held near to their hearts

until lightning struck 

house a total loss –

“It was just a house,” Dad said,

and taught the next day

things can be replaced 

in a way that sons cannot

fire did not steal joy 

yet a mother’s heart 

longs for handprints of her child 

things that he once touched  

and then a whisper 

to wrap the mug with a bow

from Jacob to Mom

a Mother’s Day gift

from a son who died too soon

mug hug from Heaven

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