A Logging Nonsense Nonette


Janisse Ray 

Ecology of a Cracker Childhood 

“Not long ago I dreamed of actually cradling a place as if something so amorphous and vague as a region, existing mostly in imagination and idea, suddenly took form. I held its shrunken relief in my arms, a baby smelted from a plastic topography map, and when I gazed down into its face, as my father had gazed into mine, I saw the pine flatwoods of my homeland.”

A Logging Nonsense Nonette 



Longleaf pines 

Loblolly pines  

ecosystems of 

Keystone diversity 

animals filling niches 

parklike words to protect them from Great Horned  

        Owls, coyotes, and foxes

logging crews swoop in and cut through rings 

decade timelines of eras lived 

giving shelter to sparrows, 

chipmunks, fox squirrels, and snakes 

understory shade 

to flora and 

fauna – for

homes they 


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