Crystal Blue Icelandic Kool-Aid


Crystal Blue Icelandic Kool Aid

In the last-minute
checkout maze,
I caved in and
bought an over-sized
ice blue bottle
of spring water
from a glacier in

My thirsty husband
eyed it skeptically,
driving along
to the strains of
Tommy James’
Crystal Blue Persuasion. 

“Just look to your soul
and open your mind …ooh, ooh”

You want a sip?
I asked him
This is not your average water.
It’s Icelandic –
straight from the glacial springs
of a whole other

The bottle was
a rectangular prism
taller than
the bank teller’s
whoosh capsule,
forcing him
to lean sideways
as he raised it
to his mouth.

I watched as he
took a swig,
licked his lips
to get the full effect,
awaited his reaction.

Tastes just like Kool-Aid to me
he decided
(clearly amused),
winking at me
with the twinkling eyes
of the real Santa Claus.

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