Be Ye Transformed


My father has always written his sermons with a fountain pen – he is the sheer image of a Dickensian writer hovering over his inkwell at his antique oak desk. So the tradition of fountain pen writing with a lazier spin (no inkwell) passed to my hands. 

Be Ye Transformed 

All because of
my gene pool

the choice

my pen preference

the silver spoon
of a poor preacher’s kid

neither chisel
nor charcoal
on stone
or papyrus


a medium nib
rich indigo ink
a selection of styles
for any occasion

the everyday best choice:
a Pilot Varsity
Fountain Pen
wielded at a 40 degree angle
moderate pressure
on the nib
flashing like
the shield of a warrior 

winning the day 

Fountain Pen Day –
celebrated annually
since 2012
on the first Friday
of November 

stories and histories
more orthodox than Bic
(cult following thick)

to celebrate:
take my hand
dare to
wade into the

be baptized
a fountain pen mermaid disciple 

be ye transformed

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