Nashville, Tennessee

mother, daughter celebrate

brand new Birkenstocks! 

supper: salmon steaks

risotto cauliflower

fresh-steamed Brussels sprouts

evening: Zen garden

bamboo wall, tiki torches

rock-scaped patio

Farmer’s Market stop

succulents and Bonsai trees

jewelry treasures

Frist Art Museum

Picasso’s U.S. Tour stop

Disfigurement art 

Whole Foods Market stop

fresh, healthy food abundance!

picnic on a whim

Hammock in the park

by the city Parthenon

lazy, breezy rest

Red cabbage and kraut

The Bavarian Bierhaus

Big German pretzel 

Playing dominoes 

With a side game of Scrabble

Coffee, happiness! 

Blue Period passed,

recovering daughter lives! 

God answers prayers. 

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