#verselove2021 #SOL21


I snapped a photo of an inspiring poem on Good Friday as we were having a PL day before our spring break this week. Our #verselove host at http://www.ethicalela.com today, Margaret Simon, invited us to use a photograph to find our writing inspiration today. My verse is a rewording and extension of Micky Jones’ “Invitation to Brave Space.” This is dedicated to all writers who come to writing communities to write, to share, to encourage, to bloom! 

#verselove2021 #SOL21

we come to this space
this brave space
scarred and wounded

turn down the world’s noise
tune in our hearing ears
to the amplified voices
of our community 

to begin
to grow
in truth and love
to embrace imperfection
to work together 

to express
to write
to feed
to water
to bloom

4 Replies to “#verselove2021 #SOL21”

  1. So many meaningful lines, Kim, on this place where we can be brave, even if scarred and wounded, where we can turn down the world's noise, to listen and hear and honor the implied inner voice as well as the voices of others…there is a communion in community; it grows together. So very lovely.


  2. I love the idea of a brave space where we can hear the voices of our community and take risks – to not be afraid to fail – just write and express our innermost thoughts and bloom. Beautiful poem!


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