I Don’t Want To Be a Workaholic


I Don’t Want to Be a Workaholic

I don’t want to be a workaholic
No beaches or playgrounds to frolic 

To work all day and then all night
No plans “for sure” – a bunch of “might”

I don’t want to live in meetings
“Live to work” is self-defeating

To budgetize and strategize?
My dreams are seen through different eyes! 

I don’t want to give up mealtime
Working straight through what-is-real time

Working lunches aren’t for me,
I savor slowly, sip my tea

I don’t want to write reports
and action plans of different sorts

I don’t want to pitch proposals
Constantly at teams’ disposals 

I don’t want to dress in suits
Analyze causes down to roots 

Don’t give a rip about market trends
Do those matter without friends? 

Don’t confine me to four walls
A desk and chair for conference calls

Don’t make me give evaluations
Stay home from family vacations 

I don’t want work to be my life
My husband needs a tuned-in wife

My children need a mom who’s there
Whose job is not her only care 

My dogs would miss my evening lap
Where else would they curl up and nap? 

I don’t want to be a workaholic
I need moments pure bucolic!

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