Adventure : A Blackout Poem

Wander into the labyrinth
Venture beyond the main avenues to
Find adventures
Thanks for a great month of writing! Until next time – cheers for the journey! 


15 Replies to “Adventure : A Blackout Poem”

  1. I love this style of poetry and love even more the message you discovered within. And how appropriate for the last day of this Month of March challenge. Congratulations on 31 days!


  2. How succinct and accurate can a poem BE?? If I ever I wander into a labyrinth, Kim, especially one construed of words – YOU are the adventurer I want with me! For a person of words, it is hard for me to find ones enough to thank you for all the color and light you have added to this challenge – a true pleasure, the whole way through. So grateful for all you've given.


  3. Fran, Found Poetry and Blackout poetry can be so addictive! Students (even very reluctant writers) also love them. Try it and see – you will catch the fever. Also, I love looking at the examples on Pinterest for artwork inspiration too. Thank you for commenting today!


  4. Glenda, indeed we continue wandering tomorrow. I'm thankful we are on the journey together also – I am always so inspired by your writing and your encouragement! Onward we trek as soul writers!


  5. Fran thank you so much for all the encouragement and inspiration you have been throughout this month as well. We are so blessed to have a shared passion for writing and a community where we can belong and inspire each other.I look forward to more writing adventures throughout April with you!


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