Still inspired by Kevin’s one-sentence slice! 

Do our dogs get all tail-waggy and lose their minds when we start loading the camper because they enjoy a crackling fire pit, or is their joy – like mine of a picnic basket – not the grapes and cheese but the thrill of spending cherished time together, of turning our eyes toward each other instead of our screens?

7 Replies to “Reasons”

  1. You've reminded me on a dog I once had. I remember sitting in the back of my dad's pickup truck, watching the dog sniff the wind as we traveled down the road. I think I'll write a Slice about that some time. Thanks for jogging my memory!


  2. Such good questions! I believe that is true. It's the spending cherished time together whatever we are doing is so valued, for the pups too. “instead of our screens” is a key, isn't it?


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