Morning Steam Fog On the Pond


Morning Steam Fog On the Pond 

On my morning drive 

when the steam fog 

rising off the pond 

in the still air 

hangs out to play tag 

with the rising sun,

I’m mesmerized.

Strata of layered mists, 

like stacked flat 

bunk bed sheets, linger. 

Steam-swirls of my 

fresh-ground coffee 

rise up, fleeting, 

against the windshield 

to glimpse other 

vapors vanishing 

into thin air. 

The long pond grasses glistening with dew, 

shallows rippling 

with flitting fishes,

bring cottontails 

and wading birds 

to nibble at the edges 

of a world 

teeming with life.

I sit at the stop sign

admiring the view 

until someone pulls up 

behind me

urging me along. 

More than I will ever see 

this picture of tranquility, 

feel it deep in my soul.

3 Replies to “Morning Steam Fog On the Pond”

  1. Kim, this is lovely. I miss my morning drive and the mountain scenery. I love the ending of your poem, the feeling of nature that sustains us. The image of coffee steam commingling w/ pond steam offers a wonderful juxtaposition of our inherent unity with the world. I’m having a Monday and find your poem calming and cathartic. Thank you.


  2. I have often wanted to stop and photograph the mists rising from ponds along the route of my drive to work – it's a glorious sight, mesmerizing and tranquil, as you convey so beautifully in your images here. Even a brief sighting does fill the soul with peace. So beautiful, Kim.


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