Here’s to Hygge!


Here’s to Hygge! 

I joined the Hygge (pronounced HOOga) Life Facebook page after reading about the Danish concept of comfort. Members share ideas about what makes life more cozy for them. I learn a lot about warm fuzzies from member responses on these pages. Here is a list of 30 ways your life, too, can be more Hygge:

  1. plenty of plants/ fresh flowers
  2. a heated blanket
  3. sherpa-lined slippers
  4. the sounds of a trickling fountain 
  5. an electric tea kettle 
  6. a Keurig
  7. a dog or cat 
  8. a fireplace 
  9. scented candles 
  10. fairy lights 
  11. stretch jeans 
  12. a weighted blanket 
  13. artwork of favorite places 
  14. cabin socks 
  15. a down coat 
  16. flannel pajamas
  17. a hammock or swinging chair
  18. good books 
  19. a hand-warmer mug 
  20. birdfeeders by windows
  21. cheery dishes 
  22. an alpaca duvet
  23. a memory foam mattress topper
  24. wooden windchimes 
  25. crystal window rainbow makers
  26. China tea sets 
  27. a hot tub 
  28. a soft rice pack shaped to rest on your shoulders, heated with lavender oil 
  29. a variety of herbal teas
  30. soft music

Here’s to Hygge in your life! Please share your own tips in the comments. 

6 Replies to “Here’s to Hygge!”

  1. Nice list, Kim. I have never even heard or seen the Danish word! I've added it to my list of possible posts, but for now here are a few of my comforts, making life cozy for me…macaroni and cheese, my Lazy Boy double recliner with my hubby on one side and me on the other, a pot of Karak tea. Thanks for asking, I'm feeling more cozy now, just thinking about it.


  2. Hygge was my one little word a couple years ago. It’s a wonderful idea. There’s a book, which I own but haven’t read. I’ll need to get that remedied. Of course, fur babies and books appeal to me most. I need to shop for most of the other items!


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