A Diminishing Thyroid Sonnet

A Sonnet of four quatrains with a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF and a rhyming GG couplet, with lines of ten syllables in Iambic pentameter with the emphasis on the second heartbeat. 

 A Diminishing Thyroid Sonnet

I didn’t eat for health again today 

instead I ate a pound of M&Ms 

I know there has to be a better way 

than caving to my cravings and crazed whims

My thyroid’s gone and left me in the dust 

these pills I’m taking frankly don’t absorb 

I’m scared to even measure my huge bust 

my derriere’s a pair of cratered orbs 

no diet can be found to satisfy 

and exercising’s too much work for me 

a serving size is hard to justify 

so obese may just be what I will be 

someone please come and turn this barge around 

or to the fat farm my big ass is bound

One Reply to “A Diminishing Thyroid Sonnet”

  1. Kim, this is quite a poem. I've seen a few sonnets lately, and really need to give one a try–it's been too long. There certainly are better ways, but M&Ms are a weakness of mine. Okay, candy is a weakness of mine!


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