Your Story

Your Story 

your story 

the who 

your life 

the you

the smiles

the fears 

the laughter 

the tears 

the truths 

the dares

the risks

the prayers

the won’ts

the wills

the valleys 

the hills 

the family 

the friends 

the losses 

the wins

the adventures 

the chases

the travels

the places 

the heartaches

the phases

the joys

the praises 

the daybreaks

the sunsets

the victories

the regrets

the plans 

the dreams

the truths

the seems

the joys 

the sorrows

the yesterdays

the tomorrows

the hurdles 

the grit

the drive

the quit 

the tables

the meals

the hugs 

the feels 

the sermons

the talks

the rides

the walks 

the hobbies

the fashions 

the pets

the passions 

the hopes 

the wonders 

the worries

the blunders

the questions 

the choices

the answers

the voices

the moments

the chances

the music

the dances

the living

the memories

the reading

the journeys

your story

the who 

your life 

the you 

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